Grenier de Jospeh

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In the year 2000, the organization was officially registered with the government, by employees of Bombardier Transportation in Saint-Bruno, under the name of Dépanaction Inc.

A name change was required in 2004 to facilitate our recognition through several other organizations. Our new brand will become the Greniers de Joseph. We are located in Saint-Hubert and our mandate is to meet the needs of food, clothing and other for families located on the South Shore.

The collaboration of the Church Sans-Frontières is a huge help, along with their financial support and the opportunity to have premises loaned us, it allows us to better perform and organize our work as a community partner.

2013 - Improvements to our Local
2012 – Purchase a Truck
2011 – Create a Web Site
2010 - Increase in volunteers due to increase in needs
2009 - Increase in families
2008 - Purchase of heavy equipment
2007 - Partnership with several community organizations
2006 - Partnership with various government agencies
2005 - New administration at the Grenier de Joseph
2004 - Change of name for the organization
2003 - Establishment of an administrative structure - Level Volunteer
2002 - Expansion of administrative offices
2001 - Search for new food suppliers
2000 - Incorporation of organization